Hey, we are the AV! Welcome to our website.

Who are we?
AV actually stands for Ausländer*innen Vertretung, which translated means Representation of Foreign Students and is a good summary of what our organization does.
Once a year, during the university elections, all international student can vote for their representatives. That is how our group comes together.

Our team is very diverse, with people from 7 countries, all different backgrounds and studies.

Who you gonna call? ~Ghost busters.~ The AV.

You are having legal woes or problems with your visa? Contact us. We have a lawyer specialized in aliens’ law at our service and can arrange a free of charge meeting with him.

You are still new in Aachen and do not understand something, study, or everyday life related? We have all been there. From why are the shops closed on Sunday to what is a Fachschaft, we can help you with some tips and tricks on finding your way around Aachen and the RWTH University.

You have a general question and do not know who to turn to? Even if we don’t know the answer, we will probably know who you can ask.

What else do we offer?

  • Language courses. We know it can be hard to get a course place with the Language Center. That is why we have organized a lot of language courses in the last years. Whether you want to get a basic knowledge of German or you want to learn something completely new like Russian or Chinese, you can find it with us.
  • Book club. We organize a small reading club, where you can discuss this month’s book and chat with fellow book lovers.
  • Guitar course. Your time at the university is probably the best time to start something new and maybe discover a new talent. Are you the next Eric Clapton? Join our guitar course and find out.
  • Programming courses. Even if you are studying something technical, maybe you want to expand your horizon and learn a new programming language. Our courses offer the basics for you to build on and make your projects come true.
  • Socializing events and parties. We believe socializing and finding friends is a huge part of the students’ life. We want to help you get to know new people and have fun while doing it.

How you can join us?
We are looking for new project leaders and volunteers. If you have a cool idea or you just want to help us help international students, just write us an email or come to one of our events.

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