Information regarding Covid-19

New Restrictions Update July 15th:

Currently Aachen, NRW is in Incident Level 0. Most restrictions have been lifted, as well as the number of households that can meet has been increased. For the most current information please visit:
The website can be set to English as well.


Testing Positive

  • Follow your doctor’s orders
  • Results usually take between 1-4 days for PCR and 15 minutes for Rapid
  • Results may be given through the German Covid-19 App ( However for this to work, the doctor must give you a QR-Code when being tested. Otherwise, call the doctor at the latest 4 days after your test, in order to obtain your results. While waiting for results, you MUST wait in quarantine.
  • The Health Ministry will call you
    • They might not speak English or very little English, so here is what to expect. It is recommended you make yourself familiar with some of the German terminology.
    • They will ask which symptoms you had (Welche Symptome hatten Sie?)
      • Cough, Fever, Loss of smell or taste, diarrhea 
      • Husten, Fieber, Geruchs- oder Geschmacksverlust, Durchfall
    • Do you have underlying conditions?
      • Haben Sie Vorerkrankungen?
    • When did symptoms start?
      • Wann haben die Symptome angefangen?
    • Where do you think you were infected?
      • Wissen Sie, woher Sie es haben?
    • Who have you seen 2 days before symptoms arrived?
      • Hatten Sie Kontakt mit Leuten 2 Tage, bevor Ihre Symptome angefangen haben?
    • They will then ask for an email address 
    • They will send your Quarantine Document which will have how many days you are in quarantine and you can present this document to your boss/work in order to prove you are unable to work
    • They will send a list, where you must enter who you have had contact within the past days so that the Health Ministry can contact them. This includes people you live with, and people you had contact to 2 days prior to symptoms
    • On day of your last quarantine, the Health Ministry will call again and ask how you are doing. If you still have persistent symptoms, it is possible they will extend your quarantine by 1-2 days. It is important to be honest.

Being in Quarantine FAQ

  • How to get food
    • REWE online – they deliver and will put the groceries outside your door
    • Ask friends to put it outside your door
  • Medicine
    • There are online pharmacies but make sure you always have a supply of basic medications (paracetamol, Vitamin D, Vitamin C, etc.) and personal needs


New Restrictions Update December 17th:

• Mensa will close

• University face-to-face events are cancelled

• Non-essential stores will also close

• Barber shops, cosmetics salons and/or manicure/tattoo shops will close

• Maximum 5 people from 2 different 
households are allowed to meet


New Restrictions Update December 1st:

• Meetings outside the home are only permitted with your own and one other household (max. 5 people together)
• Between 23.12 and 01.01 up to 10 people allowed to meet
• Mask Mandatory In Busy Spaces (In Front of Shops, Parking Lots)


New Restrictions Update November 12th:

• Mandatory Registration when traveling to Germany at:
• Self isolate at home for 10 days
• You may test 5 days after isolating, with a negative test result allowing early release from isolation


New Restrictions starting November 2nd:

• Restaurants and bars will close, except take away & delivery
• Large events are cancelled
• Unnecessary travel is strongly discouraged
• Overnight stays in hotels for tourist purposes is banned
• All those who can work from home should do so and employers should ease a transition into working from home
• Meetings in public will be restricted to just two households of up to 10 people total
• Entertainment facilities such as theaters and cinemas will be closed
• Public recreation centers such as swimming pools, gyms and saunas will be closed
• No crowds at sport events

What is Allowed:

• Schools and kindergartens will remain open
• Church services will be allowed to continue due constitutional concerns
• Nursing home residents will be allowed to receive visitors
• Shops remain open, with one customer allowed per 10 square meters.