Sustainable Gifting

The festivities are around the corner, so it is probable that you are on the lookout for some gifts. If you still don’t know what to get, you are lucky, because today we bring you some suggestions for easy, economical, sustainable gifts for everyone!

Second hand clothes 

Gifting second hand not only helps give the items a second life and is more economical, but it also can be very fun! You can gift vintage articles like a neon jackets from the 80’s or a full circle skirts from the 50’s. Maybe you can buy your dad a jacket exactly like the one he had when he was in university! 

Even if vintage is not really your style, there are multiple sites online and also stores where you can buy modern clothes that are in really good conditions. Give it a try!


Plants make a great gift for almost every occasion, they make a great decoration piece and can better any room! Depending on the plant type they also don’t need too much care. Some of the most resilient indoor plant types are: 

As an extra touch, you can buy a nice plant pot or even, if you are a crafty person, decorate or make it yourself!

An activity 

Gifting an activity can be thoughtful and fun! Some activities you could gift are: a nice dinner, a trip somewhere, a movie or theater ticket, a concert ticket, a course of some sort, a ticket for ice skating, a ticket to the climbing hall, a museum ticket, etc.  

You can gift the activity by writing it inside a card or DIY a tiny coupon!

Reusable items 

Reusable items can be a thoughtful gift and very practical. They also help reduce the usage of single use items. You can buy:

  • Reusable cutlery, which is also really helpful for hikes or traveling, or even when you take Mensa food to go. 
  • Water and coffee bottles, classic reusable items. 
  • Reusable Tote-Bags. We are not talking about the ones in your closest supermarket, but about the ones with nice designs. You can maybe find a tote bag with a design that reminds you of the person or a bag that is printed with their favorite musician.

Extra tip: You can wrap your gifts in newspaper, and decorate it with a nice bow. Also if you get wrapped gifts, save the wrapping paper, maybe you can use it again for another gift!