How to stay Warm in the winter

Do you think it’s starting to get a bit too cold? Well no worries here is a guide in how to stay warm during the winter.


The optimal way to keep yourself warm during the winter is to have layers in the clothing. This is so that the warmth created by your body won’t easily escape. Between each layer the air will be heated up and creates better isolation. The recommended way is to have two layers of wool and a jacket that does not let air that easily out.

Be aware of water and moisture

The biggest fear for the military in cold places is too much sweat or getting water over their clothes. The moisture leads cold temperature and can make the person sick more easily. In Aachen it can normally rain during the winter, so one needs to be careful not to make any clothes wet. Always make sure that the clothes you are wearing are dry. Make sure to change clothes if there is sweat in them. And wear wool, as wool is good at collecting moisture from sweat.

Do not cover the face too much

This traces back to the previous point as if you cover your mouth or nose, the moisture from your breath will not escape, making it easier to get sick. For men, if you are planning to bring most of your day outside, you should not shave. When shaving, the grease particles shielding your face from the cold gets removed, making the face more exposed to the cold.