Last minute gift ideas

Too caught up on exams and studying and it’s almost gifting time? We got you! Today we present last minute gift ideas that are easy to make and are sure to put a smile on whoever receives them.

DIY Coupons:

For this one all you need is a thick white paper and colored pens.

You can gift these coupons to your loved ones offering them the opportunity to use them whenever they wish to. Some of the offerings could be: a home cooked meal, a dinner at a nice place, or a random favor. The crazier the better! 

A scrapbook:

This one is a favorite of ours as it is so easy to make yet so heartwarming. What you need to do is grab an empty notebook and some stickers at any stationary shop. Next make a collection of your favorite images of/with your dear gift receiver, and print those at the drugstore. Put it all together with your added creative flair and you have just created a scrapbook for the history books. 

A Bookmark:

The typical bookmark size is 3.2 x 12 cm. Now that you know that, you can cut some thick paper and sketch whatever your heart desires on it and voila! You have a bookmark. If you’re having a creative block, you can replace drawing with writing your favorite quote or pasting some images on there.