Christmas Celebration in Germany 

The celebration of Christmas goes way back. The first documented Christmas celebration occurred on December 25th 336 in Rome. Christmas is in Christianity the celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ.

According to a statistic by, 81% of Germans celebrate Christmas. 

In Germany, the celebration begins on the 24th in the evening, in “Heiligabend”. Some families wait till the 24th to buy and decorate their Christmas tree. Many Families visit the Church to attend the Christmas mass, where it is usual that kids perform the nativity play, showing the birth of Christ. After the Christmas Dinner, comes the “Bescherung”, where people exchange gifts.¬†

The 25th and 26th are holidays, and are the first and second Christmas days. Where Christian Germans continue the celebration of the birth of Christ. In general, these days are about being with the family and celebrating together. 

Do they celebrate Christmas in your country? Is it different from Germany?