Attention! During Exam Phase In-person consultations will be held every two weeks starting August 1st. You can still send us E-mails whenever you like.

E-mail Consultations

As representatives of the international students at the RWTH Aachen we strive to help you with all questions and problems regarding not just your studies, but your life in Aachen in general.

If you have any problems with your residence permit, visa, rental contract or another legal problem, please send an email to with a short description of your issue and your matriculation number. We will get back to you as soon as possible.

Office Hours

We also offer appointments with a professional lawyer specialized in Foreigner’s Law. Currently appointments with the lawyer are held on Wednesdays every two weeks.

We are available in our office located on the first floor of the Humboldt Haus every Monday between 10:00 and 13:00. You can come by our office, and ask us any question you have! For exam phase (July 15th – September 30th) in-person consultations will be held biweekly.

Legal Consultations

A professional lawyer specialized in alien’s law is also at our disposal. If you are in need of professional assistance, we can give you an appointment to discuss your issue. Currently appointments are only available on Wednesdays every two weeks.