Miscellaneous Frequently Asked Questions

Semester ticket

Once you receive your semester ticket, you can travel with it free of charge throughout NRW. You can use nearly all local transport (bus, train, tram, subway, etc.) with an expectation of high-speed trains such as IC, ICE and Thalys.

Keep in mind that first class tickets are not included and to take your bike with you on the train/bus, you need an additional ticket.

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Rundfunkbeitrag, which means broadcast contribution, is an amount of money that every household in Germany is obligated to pay every month for consumption of public service broadcasting. However, it doesn’t depens on whether you have a TV, radio, laptop or not and how much you use these media.

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Topic: Mensa

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German Healthcare

In Germany it is usual to have a general practitioner, Hausarzt, who you go to for any general medical concern you may have. The Hausarzt assesses your condition and provides treatment or refers you to a specialist in case you need one. You do not necessarily need to register with a specific doctor, as most practices will see any patient, but it is recommended.

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