Sweet Eggscape

Get ready to hop into the spirit of spring with our upcoming event, Sweet Eggscape, designed to bring everyone together for a celebration of the spring season!

The day will kick off with arts and crafts activities, where you’ll get to make pompons and dye eggs with the art of marbling, creating unique designs on your eggs that will be sure to impress.

Next up is the outdoor games tournament, where you’ll have the chance to compete with your three person team in classic games like the egg and spoon race, ring toss, water ballon toss and more! It’s a great opportunity to showcase your skills and have some fun with friendly competition. The top three teams will even receive a prize to commemorate their victory!
In addition to all the games and crafts, you’ll have the opportunity to learn about what spring means in ancient cultures to multi-cultural traditions. It’s a chance to come together as a community and enjoy the joy and renewal that comes with the season.
Don’t miss out on this exciting event! Sweet Eggscape is the perfect way to welcome th arrival of apring!


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